Conspiracy Theorists Say Texas Snow Is Fake and Sent By Bill Gates

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Fake Texas Snow
Conspiracy Theory Says Texas Snow Is Fake|

According to conspiracy theorists, the snow in Texas is fake and was sent by Bill Gates, not caused by climate change. This isn’t the first time Bill Gates has been accused of suspicious activity, as he has allegedly implanted microchips in recent Covid vaccines. A Texas woman claims she has proof the snow is fake as she attempts to burn a snowball using a cigarette lighter.

The woman claims Bill Gates is trying to trick everyone that this is real snow, as she claims the snow isn’t melting from the cigarette lighter. The woman states that snow melts, not burns as you would expect it to drip after a few moments under the flame. She then proceeds to put the snowball in the microwave claiming it starts to spark because there’s metal in the snow. However, the snow does indeed begin to melt, and thankfully the microwave doesn’t explode.

Fake Snow
Social Media Showing Fake Snow In Texas|

Social media has provided a number of similar viral claims that often prove to be dangerous to the person making the video. For example, the woman proceeds to hold a ball of ice above a hairdryer melting it over the electrical device. People on Twitter quickly reached out letting users know that snowballs won’t instantly drip because the water is absorbed by the rest of the snow. If the user would have continued the experiment past the first few seconds, the snow would have started to melt. The mysterious black substance seen in the video is soot caused by the butane from the lighter. TikTok users should perhaps look into how much time and money Bill Gates spends battling climate change before making such claims.

Fake Texas Snow
Fake Snow Experiment With Texas Snow|

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5 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theorists Say Texas Snow Is Fake and Sent By Bill Gates

  1. I’m disappointed to learn that the woman didn’t discuss the fact that the fake snow voted for Biden.

  2. Thanks for the laughs
    Needed that.
    She obviously isn’t able in these time to pursue her true life skill
    stand up comedy!
    Oh wait my bad as Texas repubtard gov is opening up Texas and masks are no longer mandatory, so all good bro.
    This whole covid thing is just all a hoax ya know

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