Could Turning Teton Pass Ski Resort, MT Into A Non-Profit Or Cooperative Save It?

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Teton Pass Ski Resort, MT. Image: Teton Pass Facebook Page

Teton Pass Ski Resort, MT was unable to open for the 2017/18 season because one of the owners lost their home in the California Wildfires and another lost their business in Florida to the recent hurricanes. As a result of the tragedies and the financial burden it takes to operate the resort, it has been listed for sale with a $650,000 price tag.

The red pin marks the location of Teton Pass Ski Resort, MT. Image: Google Maps

According to the Great Falls Tribune, there’s multiple options for the resort’s future. Community members met in the Stage Shop Inn in Choteau on Wednesday Evening to discuss the future of the resort. Attendees of the meeting suggested that the resort could either become a non-profit or a cooperative. In fact, Bridger Bowl Ski Area, MT is actually a non-profit resort.

Teton Pass Ski Resort, MT. Image: Missoula Independent

If the resort were to turn into a cooperative, it would give community members the opportunity to purchase shares and see small dividends. Mad River Glenn, VT was turned into a cooperative in 1995 and it has worked out quite well for them. These options don’t account for the lack of revenue that the resort receives, so that would have to be addressed. Along with that, there is a time crunch due to the fact that the land belongs to the Forest Service and the buildings cannot be left unused. Essentially, movement has to be made within the next couple months for the resort to have a chance.

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