Discovering Snow at Donner Pass Resorts – 03/10/14

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It was our time to head North. The North Shore of Tahoe to be precise.

With a warm storm looming for Sunday night into Monday morning, it was looking like a perfect opportunity to do a little night skiing at Boreal and then to shred some pow (hopefully) on Monday at Sugar Bowl.

We had a 5pm arrival at Boreal for some Daylight Savings slush fun. Boreal was perfect with warm temps, soft snow, and a glorious sunset…

First time at Boreal for this kid

Coverage was good…some tasty kickers if you could get enough warp speed….

Boreal’s Big Jumps

C’mon kid get up there!

Holden getting some air

As the lights turned on, we headed for dinner at a cabin near Donner Lake…

First time at Boreal for this kid

At 7am the next morning, we noticed something strange coming down from the sky…SNOW!

Rare sight of snow in Tahoe

Heading up HWY 40 felt a bit like winter albeit sans snowbanks….

Donner Pass Road

The kids were fired up to explore as many chairlifts as possible…

Brings back memories eh?

By the time the storm was finished, Sugar Bowl received around 6″ at the summit. As I headed to the top of Mt. Lincoln, a thick cloud refused to go away for most of the day…

I think I see my skis

So after a few laps, I headed over to Disney but it looked the same up there as well…

Karl the fog is in the house

However, mid-way down Disney lead to great visibility in the Hourglass and the Nose zone. The snow was thick yet supportable and game for a few laps of fun.

Hourglass chute

With the viability slowly creeping up the mountain, Crow’s Nest seemed like the next logical choice. After finding some nice pitches on Crow’s Face it was time to try Disney again.

Crow’s Peak Lift

I decided to work the boundary beyond Sugar Bowl run and found some steeper untracked just as the sun popped out…

Looking good in the sun

Yep, I can definitely feel the old snow underneath…

Nice terrain at Sugar Bowl

And right on schedule, there goes all the new snow…

Wet avalanche almost getting a skier

A nice reminder to keep your safety zones open in a storm like this one….

Sierra Cement avalanche debris

At around 1:30pm, the Palisades finally came into view…

The Palisades at Sugar Bowl

I decided to ski a few more laps out on Disney down Sugar Bowl run since it was skiing so well…

Powder turn?

The snow was definitely starting to set up big time under the sun…

Decent coverage if you ask me

Certain things were just begging to be slashed…

Sierra Cement Slarve

It was a bit more chunky monkey below….

Classic Tahoe conditions

As the day progressed, so did the visuals

Sugar Bowl Run

Now that the summit of Mt. Lincoln had some clearing, I headed over to the 48’s to find some untracked…

First time at Boreal for this kid

The snow was wet but still damn fun to play around on….

Multi-camber fat skis love this stuff

Things got a bit more interesting on the lower aspect….

Pillow line…sort of

The Palisades definitely need more support from old man Winter…

The Palisades looking gnarly

Disney saying hello at the end of the day…

The aspects of Disney Express

Did we all have fun? Of course we did…IT SNOWED!

Future snow enthusiast

A bit more pics here on my site:

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