Does a 2-Day Ski Trip to Winter Park Ski Resort, CO, Really Cost Over $1,200?

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winter park gondola
Winter Park Gondola, image: Winter Park Resort Facebook

We all know that skiing is more expensive than many other sports, but does it really need to break the bank? Insider posted an article about Monica Humphries’s ski trip to Winter Park Ski Resort in CO. Her one-night, two-day ski trip in mid-January cost $1,219.26. She claims to have known the hefty price that comes with the sport, but this price tag still proved to be a shock.

Let’s break down her expenses:

  • $118 round trip on the train to avoid traffic
  • $12.31 at Starbucks for a Caramel Macchiato and a plain bagel
  • $19.25 at LIME Cantina for three mushroom tacos
  • $40 at Winter Park’s Derailer Bar for a Beyond burger
  • $168 for two days of rentals (one day of snowboarding and another skiing)
  • $212 for the first day of lift tickets
  • $189 for a ski lesson with the addition of a required $74 lift pass
  • $316 for a room at the Winter Park Mountain Lodge booked 10 days in advance
  • Smaller expenses including a small locker for $18
Looking for coins for a ski trip, image: Unsplash, Josh Appel

The listed expenses add up to $1,092.56, a little short of the price listed in the title of the article. Admittedly, she states she could have saved money in little ways like packing lunches or driving and spending $30 on gas rather than a $118 train ticket. 

To be reasonable, it is noted that prices fluctuate with the time of year and week, so we will compare prices of a trip the way she did it for February 16-17 to prices a more cost-effective way and approximate how much money could have been saved. 

  • $60 round trip for driving 
  • $154 for nice accommodations with a full kitchen including a coffee maker at Granby Mountain Resort ($208 at the hotel she stayed at for these dates)
  • $50 for groceries
  • $79.92 for two days of a ski package rental from Christy Sports in Denver, it is much more affordable to stick to one sport if you are renting
  • Assuming there are no price-saving options for ski lift tickets: $475 for two days and ski lessons. However, buying the tickets in advance will usually result in a smaller price tag. 
  • A car makes renting a locker unnecessary, and free parking is available.

Comparing the price of the trip as Monica planned it to a more cost-effective way for the dates of February 16-17th you can save over 20%. There is no doubt that skiing is expensive, but there is no reason to spend over $1,200 for a one-night trip. 

skiers on a bluebird day
Bluebird day at Winter Park, image: Winter Park Resort Facebook

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4 thoughts on “Does a 2-Day Ski Trip to Winter Park Ski Resort, CO, Really Cost Over $1,200?

  1. Like the dude said people need to stop over paying for shit. Once people find out your willing to pay more prices go up. Like there is a ski resort local to me and it’s about the same price 1k for the weekend, but the hill is only 300 vertical feet.

  2. It’s whatever people will pay. Why don’t people cry about $9 pints, $15+ drinks, $200+ bottle service? Quit paying ridiculous amounts for bullshit and perhaps prices will drop.

  3. I’m glad you posted this, because lift ticket prices are out of control. As a single dad with three kids I’d love to take out there, ski resorts have made it literally impossible. Let’s just say an average of $150 a day for 3 Days that’s $450 per person which is $1,800 just for lift tickets! Flights from Ohio again $500 a person that’s another $2,000. Now I’m at $3800 not even having a place to lay our head or food in our belly.
    I really wish ski resorts would take that into consideration and let the not rich and famous be able to ski.

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