E6PR Launches A Biodegradable Six Pack Ring To Save Marine Wildlife

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Six pack ring
Turtle approved eco-friendly brews. Photo: Salt Water Brewery

Saltwater Brewery out of Delray Beach, Florida has partnered with startup E6PR to launch a new beer six pack ring that is completely biodegradable. The normal plastic ring that often gets forgotten on the beach has long been a hazard to marine birds and wildlife. Not anymore!

According to the E6PR website, the new high tech rings are made of organic beer brewing byproducts like wheat and barley that pose no threat to the environment. The rings will decay in a matter of days at a composting facility, or within 200 days if improperly disposed of and left outside. Even though the rings are made from edible materials, it’s not recommended that you ingest them in the event you ran out of snacks.

Six pack ring
The E6PR ring. Just don’t eat it. Photo: E6PR

So just how many plastic rings end up in the ocean? It’s estimated that 1 million sea birds and over 100,000 marine mammals and turtles are killed by marine plastic annually. Cutting the rings is not a solution, animals will still try to eat them. Clean up crews picked up over 170 plastic rings on only 3 miles of beach in Louisiana this past fall.

Right now it looks like you can only buy beer with the E6PR ring in south Florida with hopes to change that soon. While still in the start up phase, they hope high demand will help bring costs down and expand their capacities in the future.

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3 thoughts on “E6PR Launches A Biodegradable Six Pack Ring To Save Marine Wildlife

  1. People have the responsibility for dumping trash items such as plastic rapers & packaging materials in the dustbin.

    In the ocean, these edible rings will be eatable by living specifies in the water. but what about normal areas. Can its eatable by other pet animals.

  2. Or people could be more responsible and carry all of their trash out ?
    That makes too much sense

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