VIDEO: Earthquake in Australia Shakes Ski Resort

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Skiing’s hard enough, contending with the elements, gravity, and the terrain. But imagine if the terrain started shaking. This happened to skiers yesterday at Mt Buller in Australia when an earthquake shook the mountain they were skiing down.

A 5.8 magnitude tremor rattled the state of Victoria, causing widespread damage across the state at 9:15 am on Wednesday morning. The quake hit near the town of Mansfield, 112-miles northeast of Melbourne in Victoria’s High Country, and was 6-miles deep. It was followed by 4.0 and 3.1 magnitude aftershocks 18 and 39 minutes later. Mt Buller is 29-miles from the epicenter of the earthquake.

Webcams at the resort captured the moment skiers were rocked by a once-in-a-lifetime earthquake while hitting the slopes at the popular ski resort. An instructor on the mountain guest commented that her initial reaction was “avalanche” and that “the noise that was the scariest part with the whole mountain making a loud rumbling sound.”

The earthquake didn’t damage any infrastructure at the resort and didn’t cause an avalanche. Nearby Mt Hotham and Falls Creek resorts also reported feeling the quake.

Mount Buller, mt buller, victoria, australia
Mount Buller, Victoria, Australia

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