Eastern Sierra, CA Report: White Mountain’s Steep North Chutes & Stunning White Granite

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Report from May 12, 2021

We journeyed out on an exploratory adventure today in search of new terrain.

We decided to go check out White Peak’s north slopes off Tioga Pass, California.

The day was hot.

Dobbs owning the Sierra. image: snowbrains

I was already overheating in the first 100-yards…

For some reason, the snow didn’t seem to get affected by the heat.

Considering the Central Sierra snowpack is at 5% of average right now, there is a lot of snow in this zone.

5% of average snowpack in Yosemite area right now… image: cdec

We walked quite a ways before finding the terrain we were after – steep, long, narrowish chutes facing due north.

We were happy with what we found.

We ate and drank at the base of the chutes and picked out which ones we wanted to ski.

One of the most beautiful places in the Sierra Nevada. image: snowbrains

Then it was up the steep chutes

Skinning first then bootin’ for a short bit.

The chutes were about 1,300-vertical-feet long so it didn’t take long to surmount them.

Tall Carl on high. image: snowbrains

From the top, we saw a whole other set of chutes that faced due north and looked steep and spicy.

Tomorrow’s feast?

Today’s chutes were long and straightforward except for the boulders melting out of the snow and adding a little extra fun.

The snow was highly textured and still pretty firm, which allowed for speed and fun.

Da boys! image: snowbrains

At the bottom, we talked about doing another lap – which was the right thing to do – but it was just talk.

It was hot and we were ready for Mobile Mart fish tacos!

The walk out wasn’t too bad.

Dobbs flexing. image: snowbrains

Mostly flat and slightly downhill until we crossed the creek and walked up the road back to the cars.

We après skied at the cars, then rolled down to the Mobile Mart at the 395/120 junction and pigged out on fish tacos, steak sandwiches, french fries, and pinot grigio.

Nothing beats the Eastern Sierra in May…

So damn fun.

Photos in Chronological Order:

Dobbs crossing the creek. image: snowbrains
Fox cruising up. image: snowbrains
Fox higher. image: snowbrains
Tall Carl putting in the track. image: snowbrains
Dobbs and Carl up. image: snowbrains
Tall Carl & Dobbs almost to the top. image: snowbrains
Tall Carl putting in the line. image: snowbrains
Carl & Dobbs on the upper chute. image: snowbrains

Tall Carl looking down the line we would do the next day. Too firm this day… image: snowbrains
Dobbs & Carl up high. image: snowbrains
Miles ripping down a chute on White Mountain, CA. image: snowbrains
Andy Hays & Dobbs ripping down. image: snowbrains
Da boys. image: snowbrains
Reservoir Dogs… image: snowbrains
Dobbs down. image: snowbrains
Après ski! image: snowbrains
Dobbs serving appetizers apres ski. image: snowbrains
Dobbs Charcuterie. image: snowbrains
Ellery Lake. image: snowbrains
Mobile Mart’s world-famous fish tacos. image: snowbrains
Dobbs brought pinot grigio… image: snowbrains

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  1. Wouldn’t it be rad if we have a couple ski resorts in all this high altitude untapped terrain?

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