Enduro World Series 2017 Announced

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EWS. pc: enduro-mtb.com

Five years ago, race organizers around the planet got together and decided to start an international race series that took the best mountain bikers in the world and put them up against some of the most epic trails around. The EWS was born!

These days, the Enduro World Series attracts not only the world’s fittest mountain bikers, but also some of the fastest downhill riders from the DH World Cup.

Enduro is a type of MTB stage race. The basic idea being the descents are timed, and the climbs/ transition periods are not. A typical enduro race will have 3-5 stages and sometimes last over multiple days.

The main difference between XC and Enduro is that there will always be uplift involved at some point. Enduro definitely focuses on the descent, however racers must be in top physical condition to conquer these epic rides.

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2017 Enduro World Series Schedule- enduroworldseries.com

“The series is always trying to push boundaries and discover new riding locations adding adventure into fantastic riding, great communities and brilliant organisers, and our fifth season celebrates this ethos. The three new venues will offer riders a new experience – the islands of Madeira and Tasmania are wild and remote and will prove the gateway to some unforgettable adventures. Then the Natural Games in Millau will be the first time the EWS has been part of a multi sport festival and I’m really looking forward to seeing enduro being included in this celebration of the outdoors. The venues we’re returning to are included in the calendar because they’re hard to beat; Ireland, Aspen, Finale and Rotorua are all incredible riding locations and I think 2017 is shaping up to be an amazingly exciting and fun year of racing.” -Enduroworldseries.com

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Crankworx Whistler Enduro- pc: norco.com

Stay tuned for coverage of this year’s Crankworx Enduro race next month!

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