The Tahoe Exodus Begins | First Stop: Alta, UT

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Sarah finding some fresh turns
Sarah finding some fresh turns

With the holidays wrapping up, and no change in the forecast for Tahoe, a pattern is starting to develop, the Tahoe exodus. People want to get the hell out of Tahoe, and are starting to leave in droves. I myself decided to take a little time away from Tahoe and search for real snow, so I loaded up the skis and took off to visit a friend in Alta. While Alta has a hell of a lot more snow than Squaw, it is still low tide out here. The skiing however is awesome, with chalky snow and hidden stashes of soft turns to be found. Bluebird skies, cold temperatures, and great snow made for the best two days of my season thus far, sad considering it is already January.

Haven't seen tracks like these in a long time
Haven’t seen tracks like these in a long time

Yesterday Ballroom to the shoulder opened with a very rocky traverse that rewarded those whom tackled it with fresh turns, and the first good snow I have skied all season. Runs off the High Traverse was skiing great with firm but fun snow. And the Alta icon, High Boy, was ripping with firm chalky snow and a few soft turns here and there. The cold temperatures out here are keeping the snow good, and keeping the groomers fast. And with a little snow in the forecast, a trip out to Utah is certainly worth considering.

A very rocky traverse
A very rocky traverse




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5 thoughts on “The Tahoe Exodus Begins | First Stop: Alta, UT

  1. Yea once that new years bell rang and i could jettison the family i was gone. I skied targhee and jackson and the difference between a 50 inch base and 60 was noticeable. I am resigned to the fact my beautiful blizzards are going to look a bit different next week. I am so looking forward to alta for the next couple days and probably linger next week because that might be it for a while for me back home

  2. Will hit Alta tomorrow. First stop was today at the Bird.
    Both got an inch or 2 of snow today. Maybe more -check snow report in AM.

    Haven’t used my MCP this year at Squaw but im in luck -it’s good at Alta & the Bird.

  3. Yo man my name is Ryan I write part time for SB and live a little north of Alta, if you are still around let me know, got some cool stashes for you and place to stay if need be

    1. Hey Ryan, thanks for the offer, but I was only around for two days then it was off to Jackson. I’ll be back this season though, we should meet up and make some turns.

      1. Ahh I see good call JH is always a good time. My home mtn is snowbasin, good terrain, no crowds and some killer turns for sure. Drop me a line next time you roll through


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