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I/S Eyewear is a goggle, sunglass, and apparel company based out of North Vancouver, Canada. I/S, short for Iris Snow, was started by a group of snowboarders, including snowboard legend Devun Walsh, and still today is one of the best known snowboarder inspired goggle brands; but rest assured, these goggles are good for anyone regardless of the number of planks beneath their feet.

What Is It?

The BOMBER goggles by I/S Eyewear are a spherical, wide peripheral frame with a tasteful size that still allows a great field of view without an excessive lens and frame size. These goggles come with Carl Zeiss Vision optics that boast supreme quality and durability. You can purchase the BOMBERs with either a single lens, or add addition lenses for $25 when buying online direct from their online store.

The strap fits well, doesn’t slip, has no uncomfortable clasps, oh an we all like the Party Snake graphics!

First Impressions:

When I first picked up the BOMBER goggles I noticed that they weren’t as big as my previous EG2 goggles which are the often thought of as the staple for spherical, oversized goggles and so I was curious how they would compare. The construction quality is high and the rose lens which came with the Party Snake eidition goggles seemed like it would be a good lens for most conditions. Packaging was simple and like any other goggle. They came in a micro fiber bag that can be used to clean the lens.

Electric EG2 on the left and I/S Eyewear BOMBER right. Notice the height difference. This difference isn’t noticeable while actually wearing the goggles other than the EG2s still further down.

Field Impressions:

The Strap Fit:

I was certainly skeptical of the quick clasp in the back which allows for the strap to be fully opened up, but after a few times using it, it seemed like a good idea. Putting the goggles on with the clasp was easier than pulling it over a toque or balaclava. None of the hardware in the back have caused for discomfort where other goggles have in the past: put them on and go board without worry.

The surprisingly convenient strap clasp. Solid construction to keep it lasting for many seasons.

The Lens:

I have always owned two lenses with each frame that I own, but since the start of the riding season, I have only relied on the BOMBER with only the rose lens. Between riding at night (even  with just a headlamp on a backcountry mission), in the fog, and the sun I haven’t found a time where this tint wasn’t suitable. Of course there is a plethora of lens tints all with their own specific optimal condition, but so far the rose tint has been great as an all around lens.

The lens has also been very durable. I haven’t been able to scratch it while wiping ice off of the lens on the frigid days on the mountain. There also hasn’t been any fogging issues inside or out.

The rose lens isn’t as dark or reflective as others but provides a great range of vision in different conditions.

The Shape & Frame:

Being a little smaller than the popular EG2s I wore last year, I was interested to see how peripherals would compare. I was surprised when I didn’t notice much of a difference in field of vision. The difference of a smaller frame was certainly welcomed. I found that the foam didn’t bother my face at all (no rubbing or discomfort) and I could actually breath out of my nose! Granted, I do have a smaller head than many, so maybe the EG2s are just too big for me.


After testing the I/S Eyewear BOMBER goggles for an extended period of time, I have been impressed with the overall quality of this piece of equipment. It seems that the trend for the largest frame has slowed, and now goggles like the BOMBER goggles have gotten a little more popular, and for good reason. If you’re looking for a good all around goggle with wide peripherals and quality optics, look to further than the BOMBERs. There didn’t seem to be any unnecessary features, and nothing was missing. The biggest thing I noticed, was that the only time I thought about the BOMBERs was when I put them on, after that it was all about shredding.

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  1. Could you please replay to my post please? I really would like to know if these goggles are better than the Quiksilver Hubble .. grtz!

  2. Great review thanks!

    Have you ever tested the Quiksilver Hubble / Anon M2 / Oakley Canopy or Crowbar goggles? I would like to know how you compare the bombers to these goggles because I am not sure if it’s worth the $$ to change from Quiksilver Hubble (Travis Rice model) to these ones!

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