Fastest Known Time Set for Classic 84-Mile Bugs to Rogers Ski Traverse in British Columbia

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A portion of the coveted traverse. Credit:

Throughout the world, there are many famous ski traverses, and one of the classics is the Bugs to Rogers Traverse in Eastern British Columbia. Considered one of the grandest traverses in Canada, it crosses the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains and is full of jagged spires, glaciers, summits, and avalanche-prone slopes. It covers an impressive 135 kilometers or approximately 84 miles. 

Now, as of May 3rd, 2022, the route has been completed in the fastest known time of 44 hours and 37 minutes by Kylee Toth, Emma Cook-Clark, and Taylor Sullivan. The previous fastest known time was 53.2 hours in 2021, and before that was 80 hours set in 2005. 

The Selkirks. Credit: kyleektoth Instagram.

The blistering speed was accomplished with an average pace of 1.88 miles per hour, which is quite impressive considering everything that goes into ski mountaineering and navigating challenging backcountry conditions, not to mention time for sleeping.

Purcell Mountains en route to the Bugs. Credit: kyleektoth Instagram

The two women and one man group were pushed to the max both physically and mentally, but in the end showed that no matter your gender, everyone has the ability to accomplish huge, difficult, and unnerving feats.

See the Instagram post from Kaylee below.

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