Female Ski-Tourer Killed by Avalanche on the Pointe des Audras, France

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Rescuers survey the scene of the avalanche. Credit: data-avalanche

A female ski tourer has been killed by an avalanche on the Pointe des Audras above Bessans in the Haute-Maurienne, France. The area has been subject to very high winds from the south and poor weather.

The slab avalanche occurred at 10,500-feet and the crown was some 20″ deep. The victim was buried under almost 10-feet of snow.

france, avalanche,
Credit: data-avalanche

Recovered by other members of her group, including a high mountain guide, she later died of her injuries.

The group was climbing to the summit at the time of the slide. They had decided to stop below the summit due to doubts about the stability of the snow. The slide happened as they were preparing to ski down. The risk was 3/5 (Considerable) in the sector with windblown fresh snow.

france, avalanche,
The Pointe des Audras, Savoie, France

The avalanche bulletin had warned of both skier triggered spring snow slides and slabs at altitude.

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