Flip or Flop: Life Unbound | Quality Tele-Ski Porn

Daryn Edmunds |

Soon to be wed Tele Hippies Weston and Shaun are at it again with their Life Unbound series. This episode was shot at the end of last season in Park City and the Tushar Mountains. I hope these guys get a great ski season as a wedding gift from Ulllr!

As the season’s flip from winter to spring, and then from summer to fall, we reminisce about our past season turns. While some turns might have fallen short, it is the memorable ones that stoke the flames of anticipation. We skied around Park City and scored some great conditions with dramatic clouds. We then took an ill fated trip down South to the beautiful Tushar mountains. Sickness and 60degree temps were too much to overcome and we struck out. As the leaves start to change, we think back to some of our more memorable turns and get fired up for the upcoming season.

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