For Sale: $33 Million Mansion in Aspen, Colorado

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Aspen House
142 Maroon Drive, Aspen, CO 81611. Image: Zillow

Real estate in Aspen, Colorado is some of the most expensive in the country. Having four unique ski areas within just a few miles of each other, as well as top-shelf dining options, unlimited entertainment, and high-end fashion, Aspen is one of Colorado’s top destinations. In order to fully take in the Aspen lifestyle, look no further than this $33 million mansion that was just listed on the market.

Sitting on an acre of land, a rarity in Aspen, the mansion features six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and is 7,700 square feet. Construction on the home was just recently completed in the summer months of 2021, and the house has never been occupied before.

aspen views
Beautiful mountain views no matter which way you look! Image: Zillow

Oversized windows complete the look of the home and provide panoramic views of the skiing on Buttermilk Mountain, the Highlands Bowl, and Aspen Mountain. Huge patios and decks, featured off of several of the bedrooms and living spaces, allow for easy outdoor access on multiple levels of the house. A nice, sizable yard compliments the modern interior perfectly.

top floor aspen
Wide-ranging views from the top floor! Image: Zillow

The mansion’s amenities are endless, and the kitchen is built for a chef:

“Two Subzero fridges and freezers, two Wolf ovens, a six-burner Wolf cooktop, two Cove dishwashers and the two kitchen islands provide ample room to prep and serve for meals shared with family and friends.”

Additionally, a centerpiece fireplace, a four-car garage, an elevator, and a sound-proofed lower level add to the finishing touches. The mansion is zoned for a pool and has designated spaces for a hot tub and pickleball court. For the outdoor enthusiasts, “there’s also a dog washing station and a ski room that’s wired to charge phones, boot dryers or hand warmers and has direct access to the nordic skiing system of Aspen.” The home is located on the bus route for easy access to any of the four ski areas, and a top-of-the-line golf course is within walking distance.

Aspen is especially known for its variety of flora and fauna, and an end-of-the-road mansion with windows facing in every direction makes wildlife very easy to spot. Elk, bighorn sheep, deer, black bears, moose, mountain lions, and coyotes roam throughout the Aspen area and prey on the smaller beavers, marmots, and trout that live there. A number of unique trees inhabit the area, including “Douglas fir, Ponderosa pine, Colorado blue spruce, and aspen,” along with colorful wildflowers like the Colorado “Columbine, meadow rue, aster, and Indian paintbrush.”

Aspen is one of the most sought-after locations to reside in Colorado and in the United States. It is home to amazing skiing, elegant wildlife, and unlimited shopping, dining, and lifestyle options. For $32,950,000, this brand-new mansion guarantees one of the nicest spots in town and a warm welcome to the Aspen lifestyle for anyone who can afford it.

aspen bath views
A relaxing, $30 million view. Image: Zillow

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  1. A ski bum website showcasing a 33 million dollar home??? Seems like you got the right target market here. Tech nerds who get paid too much & the are part of the Global warming problem. Educate yourselves, these prices wouldn’t be so high if the tech world wasn’t so greedy. Learn how to manage a forest, then learn about how re-introducing the grizzly bear to California will equal things out, morons

    1. Tech is a major problem. They aim to take massive swaths of society and put them out of business with technology in their pursuit of “innovation”. Take Uber, sounds good until you realize they simply gutted taxi cab companies and replaced them with a centralized company who does union busting, 1099 contractors and drives down wages and benefits for their employees. Take amazon, not much to say there about what they’ve done for the world. Take Facebook, that has worked out great, now small local and national media competes with clickbait for ad revenue. No wonder our media is so polarized and full of trash.

      Wait until 2,000,000 truck drivers are put out of work here in the next decade and have no work skills to transfer into. That’s going to be a big winner for society.

      It’s funny how tech preaches all these feel good liberal ideas and takes care of their workforce so well while at the same time gets rich eliminating the utility of massive swaths of society. There should be a tax placed on tech. They should be the ones paying the nut to retrain and retool all the people who lose their jobs in their conquests.

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