Free Your Heel-Huck For Real | 17 Year Old Telemark Skier Hucks 50 Footer

Bevan Waite |

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.29.40 PM

See 50 footer @ 2:20

Tucker-the-hucker just finished high school and simply rips on his tele skis.  The Park City local began his quest for the best after turning 9 and finding some ol’ telemark boots small enough to hold his feet in place while dropping a knee.

Face shot.
Snow devil.

Like many of us tele-wackers, he quickly caught on to the addiction and was soon ripping his best Michael Jackson moonwalk down steep Wasatch slopes.


After attending a big mountain tele summer camp in Portillo, Chile a few summers back, Tucker began entering junior alpine big mountain events and hucking big.  He is now attending Western State Colorado University (WSCU) and will be a great edition to their ski team bringing new dimensions of ultra muscle control.


Check out more vids on Tucker’s website.

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