Gear Review: Forsake Mack Shoes, The Do Anything Go Anywhere Shoe

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The Mack by Forsake, Photo: Mike Boos
The Mack by Forsake, Photo: Mike Boos

Shoes, sneakers, kicks, whatever you call ‘em they are a necessity in everyday life. And for life in the mountains, you need shoes that can handle a bit more than the average Nike Jordan or what have you. Thats where Forsake steps in, a shoe for mountain people, built by mountain people. I first stepped into my inaugural pair of Forsakes last May, I bought them in anticipation for my six week adventure to Chile over the summer, and immediately they clicked. From the break in period in Alaska, to six weeks trekking all over Chile, to the everyday use they are subjected to here in Tahoe, my Forsake Mack’s have been through the wringer, and have come out on top.

Forsake was born out of the need to find stylish yet functional footwear. Living in the mountains is hard, often you have to sacrifice style or comfort for performance, or vice versa, it’s not easy to look good, feel good, and have functional outerwear at the same time. Thats where Forsake saw a problem and decided to change that, combining functionality, performance and comfort, Forsake shoes are the ultimate mountain shoe or boot.

The Forsake Mack
The Forsake Mack

I bought a pair of Mack’s back in May with apprehension, not expecting a whole lot, in anticipation for my summer in Chile. As soon as I received them I was back home in Alaska, the perfect place to test these “outdoor shoes”. The first trip out I took these I knew immediately they were going to be good when I hiked a couple of miles in the rain outside of Portage, Alaska to Byron Glacier. From there I took them on a six week trip in Chile, where they walked kilometer after kilometer across Santiago and beyond. From the streets of Santiago, to the vastness of the Atacama Desert, to the wilds of Patagonia, the Macks held up every step. Once back in Tahoe, they have been my everyday go to shoe, whether hiking to Rubicon Peak, biking Hole in the Ground, or simply going to work, they have been the go to. While they have now seen better days, and might need to be retired soon, they have served their purpose, and damn well I might add. Other shoes would have fallen apart much earlier after the amount of miles I walked in them.

One shoe can change your life – Cinderalla


Everyone is always looking for a new pair of kicks, so look no further than Forsake. The Mack is an outdoor shoe that looks right at home on the streets of San Fransisco as it does in the Sierra Nevada, it is stylish yet has the tread and durability of a hiking boot. The only gripe with the Mack is the breathability, while Forsake touts the breathability, it needs some work unfortunately. In the winter it is killer, but when the temps get a bit higher, the Mack is a hotbox, and not the good kind. Besides that, the Mack looks great, feels great, tackles trails as well as cement and had held up better than any other shoe I have had. So when looking for what to wear on your feet this winter for a boot or casual shoe  check out Forsake, and you wont be disappointed.

The Mack in Portillo, Chile...bad photo
The Mack in Portillo, Chile…bad photo

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