Getting Over Winter Withdrawals: Off Season Activities

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Any workout that increases core strength is valuable in skiing. Core strength is a cushion when riding over tough terrain. PC: Jonathan Borba

After the winter snow season ends, it’s common to fall into the dreadful winter withdrawal slump. It’s as though the seasonal party has ended, and we are left with a snow hangover. Yet, there are a few activities that rival the thrill of blasting through powder, arcing down a fresh face, and flying down mountainsides.

However, there are several activities to pursue throughout the summer that make the wait for next winter shorter and offer some valuable training.

Winter Withdrawal Pick-Me-Ups:

Mountain Biking:

Flying down trails on a mountain bike while flowing around corners and over obstacles can almost rival the rush of skiing. With a variety of trails worldwide, mountain biking is a unique thrill that doubles as a good workout. The process of scoping lines and approaching technical trails at speed shares several commonalities with snowsports. As a further benefit, mountain biking is a good workout that ensures good training and fun.

Gravel/Road Biking:

Mountain biking’s skinny sibling allows you to get further quicker with an emphasis on traveling distance. Similar to mountain biking, traditional road biking or gravel biking is an exceptional aerobic endurance workout. Yet with road bikes (traditional or gravel), you can truly explore a far-reaching network of established routes to gain a new perspective on travel.


Hiking, backpacking, and trekking are truly a traditional way of traveling over any terrain. As a good endurance workout, the activity can really enable a different travel experience and a more holistic feeling of experiencing a place.

Trail Running:

Free of all but the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet, running is one of the most freeing methods of travel. Returning to one of the most natural ranges of natural human motion, running is an excellent aerobic workout and trains muscles to stabilize and support during repeated impacts similar to snowsports. Building off of regular running, trail running offers an outdoor flare.


Climbing offers a unique but satisfying challenge. Plotting a route up a technical face is a good challenge and can transfer into skills needed for big mountain riding and alpinism. Similarly, climbing can offer a segway into mountaineering and travel over technical mountain terrain, which opens up a whole new world of backcountry snowsports.


CrossFit offers a unique combination of Olympic lifting and high-intensity workouts that strengthen the whole body. CrossFit is simply an incredible way to build overall fitness through a varied mix of workouts that address both muscular and aerobic training attributes. Through good technique and consistent, disciplined training, Crossfit can offer athletic benefits to anyone: professional athletes or newcomers.


Yoga may seem slow-paced compared to the thrills of skiing, but there are many significant benefits to the practice. Yoga can help physically with stability, flexibility, and mobility. Mentally, the practice also promotes coping with stress and general well-being. Overall, yoga offers many positive attributes that can have significant payoffs in the long-term, especially when coupled with other sports disciplines.

Spring Touring/Park Skiing:

Due to large winter across the American West, many snow remnants should survive far into the summer. So either track down scraps while touring or join in on the fun at summer ski areas with various park skiing opportunities.

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