Grand Targhee, WY Report: Sunday The 29th; Corduroy – Still In Style

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Follow the Wookie. image Powderday Photography

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Report from Sunday the 29th, November 2020

The ‘rriiiipppp’ of metal edges cutting groomer-pressed grooves could be heard all-across Grand Targhee Resort.

Throughout the extended holiday weekend, Teton skiers and riders saw days of what could succinctly be described as a Groundhog’s Day cycle. Low cloud and super crisp temps marked each morning. Rising sun and temps stamped their marks upon each afternoon.

Adding texture to another stellar morning at Grand Targhee. image P.M.Fadden

The smattering of snow events that padded the season’s intro have morphed into a period of mellow high pressure. Yes, that doesn’t exactly grant Grand Targhee the healthy start-up base they typically receive season-in season-out. And sure, the early-days conditions can happily claim a chunk from a base or an edge, but they call ’em ‘rock hoppers’ for reason. And skiing now ’cause you love it like you’re spellbound is only going to improve those soon-to-be-deep powder days which are surely on their way.

Mineral ‘sharks’ lurk in these waters, but GTR rippers know full-well how to swim. image Powderday Photography

Soft snow still waits wide of the groomed areas, but enter those zones knowing with certainty that happy carving out there requires quick footwork. And that early-season truth seems to have done little to dampen the spirits of GTR locals, like the crew at Powderday Photography, who know from experience that it only takes the proper lens to see that every day is a great day at Grand Targhee Resort.

Chateau Patrol above chairlift Sacajawea. image P.M.Fadden

Snow Report:

The state of the slopes as of Sunday, November 29th. image courtesy GTR


Week-long outlook. image courtesy GTR
Quality in quiet details. image P.M.Fadden

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