Hakuba, Japan Conditions Report: 3 Feet of Fresh Snow Today

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Happo-One ski resort in Hakuba, Japan got around 3 feet of new snow last night which made today another damn fine powder day.  That snow fell on top of an already 280cm (110 inch) deep snowpack at mid-mountain.

The day started off grey with some light snow floating down before clearing up some and getting very windy.  At opening bell, there wasn’t much groomed resulting in skiers and riders wallowing up to their necks in snow all over the piste.  Many people were absolutely stuck in the snow the first run of the day.

avy fence skiing
Miles today at Happo-One ski resort. photo: Zach Paley

We started off the day on the upper mountain playing with the avy fences before moving onto some open faces and eventually into the lower trees as the winds picked up.  About 1pm, the wind really got cranking.  It was enough wind to close the gondola and all the upper mountain lifts.  This wasn’t a problem as the lower mountain trees almost seemed deeper than the upper mountain zones.

japanese bunny cartoon
Zach and Happy Bunny today.

Today was a classic January day in Japan.  Luckily, January is still young and we’re hoping for a lot more days like this.

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