Heavenly Ski Patroller to Swim, Bike, and Run Perimeter of Tahoe

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Photo credit: Andi Bertolina

Athlete, Heavenly ski patroller, and certified badass, Andi Bertolina, is embarking on an epic Tahoe endurance trifecta- to run, bike, and swim the 73-mile circumference of Lake Tahoe. After learning that a 50-mile ultra-marathon she signed up for was canceled due to Covid, Bertolina sought to create her own endurance challenge instead.

Photo credit: Andi Bertolina

Originally, Andi had decided she was only going to run the circumference of Lake Tahoe, however, her father suggested that she add in swimming due to her extensive swimming background. Andi agreed and decided to take it one step further by including a biking portion as well.

Andi has planned to complete this trifecta over the course of two weeks. Although she plans to finish the running and biking portions in one day respectively, open-water swimming 73 miles in a single push is nearly impossible. As such, Andi will swim 6 miles per day until she achieves her 73-mile goal.

tahoe trifecta
Photo credit: Andi Bertolina

Andi commenced her endeavor on September 10. If all goes according to plan, she will swim every day until September 21, then she will bike on the 22nd, and cap off her monstrous athletic feat with a 73-mile run on the 23rd.

For Andi, this trifecta is simply a personal challenge- she is not racing nor attempting an FKT. Nonetheless, if Andi is successful, this will be a huge testament to her physical endurance, mental fortitude, and general badassery.

If you would like to follow Andi’s journey over the next two weeks, she will be posting updates on Instagram and Strava. Go Andi!

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