[TRAILER] “Here, Hold My Kid” – Hilarious Movie Showcases That Moms Don’t Have to Hang Up Their Skis

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In this hilarious teaser for the film “Here, Hold My Kid,” mother Elyse Saugstad challenges societal expectations by continuing to send it. With a belief in the significance of women’s sports, she highlights the importance of supporting one another. The clip features a friendly competition between her and Jackie Paaso, emphasizing their different levels of competitiveness.

COMING SOON: Two professional skiers, two new mothers, one sponsorship. A quirky documentary style film capturing the highs and lows of two women determined to succeed with side-splitting, hilarious moments.

Starring: Elyse Saugstad, Jackie Paaso, Cody Townsend, Reine Barkered, Leanne Pelosi, Indiana Townsend & Tor Paaso.

“Here, Hold my Kid” was written, directed, filmed and edited by: Adam Gendle, John Verity & Hersha Patel

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