Homewood Mountain, CA to Become Semi-Private Resort, Ending All Day Ticket Sales and Only Selling Season Passes to Resort Residence Owners

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Homewood Mountain Resort, CA will soon be a semi-private resort, with season pass sales restricted to resort residence owners. | Photo courtesy of Homewood Facebook

This piece sources information from original reporting conducted by Moonshine Ink

Homewood Mountain Resort in California is changing and they are not hiding it.

Resort owner JMA Ventures has said the mountain will adopt a semi-private model following a 10-year 40% decline in skier visits and a 64% decline in season passholders, as reported by Moonshine Ink. The five to seven year plan will combine with a development plan to add on-site housing to the ski area along with several other additions.

By the time the semi-private plan is all said and done, day ticket sales will be a thing of the past and season pass sales will be limited to only the owners of new Homewood residences and full-time residences of several coming West Shore homeowner associations, SAM Magazine reports. JMA president Art Chapman said the model would be implemented gradually and there would not be any changes to the pass program or day tickets for the next season.

“If we are going to keep the ski area open, we can’t do it as a public ski area that requires a lot of employees and having to rely on fewer skiers,” Chapman told local news outlets. “We are not in the least bit interested in trying to promote Homewood as a competitor to Squaw [Palisades Tahoe] or Northstar,” he said when discussing how heavy weekend traffic going to those neighboring ski areas makes it difficult for commuter skiers to get to Homewood.

The new semi-private model will operate alongside the resort’s five- to seven-year development plan which was approved in 2011, according to SAM Magazine. The plan currently includes 185 homes, a base lodge, and a small boutique hotel for guests of Homewood residence owners. The construction of seven homes at the North Base will commence this summer.

JMA also plans to invest $15 million to replace two lifts: The Madden Chair will be replaced next year with a new gondola, and the Ellis Chair will be replaced with a new detachable quad in a few years, SAM Magazine wrote. Plans are also underway to develop more summer operations such as additional hiking and mountain bike trails. Once all this is said and done, pass prices will likely increase, according to Chapman.

According to local news service Moonshine Ink, community support for the resort redevelopment plan was initially strong in 2011 but has since waned as some residents feel wrong about how the resort is switching from public to now private access. Only those able to afford properties at Homewood will be able to ski there, which is an entirely different tax bracket of skiers.

A snowboarder arcs turns on a groomer at Homewood. | Photo courtesy of Homewood Mountain Resort

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13 thoughts on “Homewood Mountain, CA to Become Semi-Private Resort, Ending All Day Ticket Sales and Only Selling Season Passes to Resort Residence Owners

  1. I’m growing irritated seeing Homewood/JMA management continues to flaunt the statistic there has been a “10-year 40% decline in skier visits and a 64% decline in season passholders”. Do you know what Homewood was doing in 2011? They had a partnership with Alpine Meadows where you could ride both resorts under the same pass per agreements between JMA and KSL. This is also the same year the previous master plan was approved (also a contributing factor to the increased ridership). A quick google search will lead you to articles where they note ridership in 2011 was up 500% and local riders were getting irritated! So they are reporting on a 10-year statistic from their highest year of engagement! Do you know what Homewood has done since 2011 to increase ridership? Basically nothing. Grooming has gotten worse. On site amenities have gotten worse including the suspect burning of the South Lodge (half of the onsite amenities). Weathering and inoperable lift equipment year-over-year (Ellis chair, accessing over 30% of the terrain). They are gaslighting the public making it seem like its an issue with US and our increased desire to ride Ikon/Epic resorts, when they’ve literally pushed us off the lift and out the door to the next best option.

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