How’s the Snowpack Looking Across the West?

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Credit: USDA

As the season progresses we start to see the snowpack settle down and aren’t confronted with the thousands of percent above average snowpack figures that are common early season.

The map above gives us a quick overview of which states currently hold the best snowpack compared to the thirty year median.

Wahington. Credit: USDA

The PNW is currently leading the way, with a healthy snowpack ranging from 2x to 6x more than normal (with a 27x normal outlier) in Washington and 2x to 8x in Oregon, although currently no resorts are open in these states.

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California/Nevada. Credit: USDA

The recent atmospheric river / bomb cyclone event that slammed California a couple of weeks ago has contributed to them also having a healthy snowpack, 2x to 4x better than normal.

colorado, snowpack,
Colorado. Credit: USDA
Wyoming. Credit: USDA

Colorado seems to be pretty much normal, as does southern Wyoming. The Tetons in western Wyoming, however, could do with a bit of snow as they are below normal right now.

Utah. Credit: USDA

Having had some decent dumps early season, Utah has seen a bit of a dry spell and snowpacks across the state vary from just below normal in the Wasatch, to above normal in the southwest corner.

Northern Idaho and Montana are struggling right now, both way below normal, but a decent storm or two should bring that back to normal.

Montana, snowpack,
Credit: USDA

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