VIDEO: Huge Natural Avalanche Narrowly Misses I-70 Near Copper Mountain, CO Today

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This is absolutely mental. A car dashcam caught the moment a naturally occurring avalanche barrelled down Ten Mile Canyon beside the I-70 in Colorado.

UPDATE FROM CDOT: It was NOT a controlled slide. It was a NATURAL avalanche, but snow did not reach I-70.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: This is wild! FOX31 ‪viewer captured this video of an avalanche along I-70 today in Ten Mile Canyon between Frisco and Copper Mountain. Dusted the interstate. Lots of avalanche danger out there from so much snow! Be careful!

The video was silenced due to the amount of curse words recorded, according to uploader Jeremy Hubbard.

It appears the bulk of the snow didn’t reach the Interstate, and thankfully nobody was caught and/or injured.

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