Huge Ski Resort Proposed Next to Whistler Blackcomb | “Garibaldi at Squamish” Resort

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Garibaldi at Squamish ski resort plan revealed at community meeting in Squamish on Nov. 22nd, 2013.
Garibaldi at Squamish ski resort plan revealed at community meeting in Squamish on Nov. 22nd, 2013.

If the Sea to Sky Gondola is any indication that Squamish wants a piece of the Whistler pie then the Garibaldi at Squamish resort proposal might be the next piece to that puzzle. Garibaldi at Squamsih has been an idea on paper for many years, but after some reconsideration of how the project will source water for facilities, the proposal is back on the table with a projected date to start operations in late 2016.

The Garibaldi at Squamish master plan produced 2003. See more mapped outlines of different resort aspects here.

The resort, being spearheaded by members of two Vancouver families involved in large developments: the Aqulilnes and the Gaglardis, would include 25 ski lifts accessing 3000 vertical feet of skiing located on Brohm Ridge. It will also feature golf courses and other recreation activities along with approximately 22,000 beds split between various condo, hotel, and housing projects.

Garibaldi at Squamish will be located just 15 kilometres out of Squamish towards Whistler. There sits very little between Squamish and Whistler, and the location of this resort would put it almost next to Whistler, about a 40 minute drive from village to village. This begs the question as to how it will effect other ski resorts in the area.

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 12.22.33 PM(1)
B represents the approximate location of the proposed resort. A and C represent Whistler and Vancouver respectively. 

In Vancouver, just over an hour from the proposed resort site and the hub of all incoming tourists for the Sea to Sky Corridor, is home to three resorts: Mount Seymour, Grouse Mountain, and Cypress Mountain, all which sell day passes for about $50. In the opposite direction of Whistler is Mount Baker, about two hours out of Vancouver and home to some of the most iconic deep snow and big mountain riding in the region again charging about $50 a day.

Whistler Blackcomb, located the closest to the proposed site, charges $109 for an adult ski pass at the ticket window, but is known to be one of (if not the) best resort in the world with an additional 2000 verticle feet on the proposed Garibaldi at Squamish resort. Whistler also features already bustling snow, nightlife, and mountain bike scenes and holds some of the most prestigious events for both summer and winter seasons.

A new resort at this size would likely mean a loss of traffic to all the surrounding resorts, but in no means will it put anyone out of business.

Brohm Ridge as it appears during the Winter/Spring. Photo:

It is understanding that surrounding resorts are concerned for the well being for their own business, but from a consumers perspective, this means more variety, and likely a cut in the ever climbing Whistler ski passes and accommodation. As Whistler is a well developed mature resort town, the new resort will also provide opportunity for those seeking resort real estate as the new resort will provide lots of opportunity for new housing all around the base of the mountain.


As it stands today, the Garibaldi at Squamish has been on and off the table for over two decades, but the group proposing the plan has been jumping through hoops and been getting closer as closer. The largest concern for the B.C. Government is that the resort water source will effect salmon and fish habitat and so the project had been put on hold for the past few years. Now with a new water sourcing plan, the Garibaldi at Squamish group is ready to bring the proposal back to the table. More details from the group will be laid out on November 22nd at a meeting in Squamish.

Surprisingly, not much information can be found online about the resort; no website, social media, etc. run by the resort developers. If you are interested in the outcome of the future meetings, you can depend on in bringing you the most important details.

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