Internet Debate Resolved: How to Properly Buckle Your Ski Boots

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Your ski boots are arguably the most important piece of gear you own. An ill-fitting boot can make your ski day miserable. That is why it is often recommended that you should get custom-fitted boots if you plan to spend any significant time on the slopes. This ensures the fit will allow you maximum performance from your skis without losing circulation from being too tight or out of control if they are too loose.

But do you know how to properly buckle your boots?

Which order to buckle? Credit: @TheSkiMonster Twitter

There has been a recent online debate about the proper way to do so, based on a Twitter post by The Ski Monster, where they posted a picture (see above) and labeled the buckles one through five, and asked “What order do you buckle your boots?” Answers have varied greatly showing there is no consensus among the general population.

Of course, the real answer is: whatever works for you is the right way. There is truly an endless combination of feet sizes and boot options, so what works for one person may not work for another.

However, the industry has a generally accepted order to use as a guide.

That order is 3-2-4-5-2-3-1.

Not how you do it? That’s okay, but there is some logic to this sequence.


Dialing in buckles #2 and #3 is the most important. These buckles keep your shins tight to the boot to transfer the most energy to your skis. So it would make sense to do them first, then the bottom buckles (4,5), then readjust the top (2,3) as needed. You may even want to readjust again after a couple of warm-up runs. You shouldn’t clamp down #2 and #3 to the max initially for the same reason you wouldn’t tighten all the screws or bolts all the way initially on a work project. Going back and re-tightening as needed ensures more equal pressure across all points.

Buckles #4 and #5 are just holders and don’t need to tighten down too much, especially buckle #5.

You should always do #1 (the strap) last. The strap is intended to keep your shins pressed against the front of the boot for the best performance. You want it as tight as possible, which can only be achieved after tightening #2 and #3.

Naturally, this conversation changes if you have the new BOA boots.

In what order do you buckle your boots? Let us know in the comments.

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