First Ski Boot With BOA® Lace Technology Has Been Released

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This new boot model by K2 has set the standard for modern innovation in the ski industry (Image: K2 Skis)

K2 has developed and released a ski boot that utilizes the innovative BOA® lace technology, the first of its kind. The new model has been dubbed the “K2 Recon 120 BOA®“, and is currently available in sizes 25.5, 26.5, and 27.5 for the price of $699.95. All other sizes are currently sold out due to the immense popularity of this technology, but K2 will surely release more in the coming months and seasons.

K2 has some very interesting things to say regarding this new innovation. The longtime ski and snowboard equipment company opines:

“Say goodbye to all your boot-fitting woes, with the new Recon 120 BOA®. Its redesigned shell delivers a better ‘wrap,’ and a more even pressure distribution across the foot. Gone are the traditional pain hotspots caused by overtightened buckles, the Recon 120 BOA® boots are outfitted with a micro-adjustable fit, even pressure distribution and an unmatched heel hold.”

This lacing system has existed on snowboard boots and other sporting equipment such as cycling shoes since its inception in 2001 but has yet to be engineered into a ski boot until now. BOA® secures the foot tightly into the boot by pressing down and cranking a knob that works to increasingly tighten a set of cables that cross the boot in several places across the top of the foot. The pressure is then released by pulling up on the knob, allowing the user to easily pull their foot out of the boot. The technology has been praised for its easy accessibility and increased performance, as the pressure that comes with tightening a boot is more evenly dispersed than in traditional systems.

K2 Recon
The amazing technology this boot features has long increased performance in other disciplines such as snowboarding and cycling (Image: Braasport)

BOA technology has become commonplace on the majority of snowboard boots that have been released in recent seasons, but the addition of the technology to ski boots marks a very significant step in innovation for the sport. Ski boots have certainly come a long since the leather models that were worn by alpine enthusiasts in the early 20th century, but the basic technology that comprises a boot has looked largely the same in recent years. This new lacing system allows for a much higher degree of accessibility than current models, giving the user the ability to loosen their boot in a fraction of the time. Many users of the technology on snowboard boots have argued that the more even dispersion of pressure across the foot that comes with it allows for a more comfortable fit that translates into increased performance on the slopes, a phenomenon that could very likely be the case with this new Recon 120 model. This new K2 boot is the first of its kind, but this large step in innovation is sure to lead to new models that utilize BOA® in the coming seasons.

The K2 Recon 120 has some other intriguing technical specs that come along with it as well. In addition to the new addition of BOA technology, the boot also features “A heat-moldable liner that provides the perfect balance between comfort and support,” according to K2. “We’ve integrated internal and external J-Bars to ensure proper heel hold and made the toebox seamless, making the fitting process smooth as silk.” K2 has even added customizable heel inserts to ensure that the fit is as customizable as possible. In addition to all of this, the Recon 120 BOA® features a Harshmellow™️ insert that allows for increased impact absorption. All of these features combine to comprise a truly innovative boot model that is sure to influence the construction of ski technology for seasons to come!

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7 thoughts on “First Ski Boot With BOA® Lace Technology Has Been Released

  1. This whole thing about tight gripping of your forefoot is because traditional plastic boots have unpredictable upper foot stiffness and you always have to clamp down for control.

    I have Dodge Boots–custom fit carbon fiber with consistent flex regardless of temperature. Sometimes I wonder how I have such great control even when I can wiggle my toes and don’t have to tighten up at the top and loosen at the bottom.

    Dodge is direct sale online with a custom fitting app you use on your phone so not a lot of support by the industry. Discover Dodge and you will never go back!

  2. There are several AT boots with BOA and similar, like my Fischer Travers, which have been on the market for several years. I think you mean exclusively Alpine boot.

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