Introducing the SnowBrains App for Your iPhone

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SnowBrains App on iPhone 5

That’s right ladies and gents, introducing the SnowBrains app, available now for download in the iTunes App store!

Download the SnowBrains App here: Snowbrains - Miles Clark

SnowBrains App home page

Read SnowBrains Offline

The SnowBrains app serves up all our content in a mobile friendly, app-centric format which caches articles you’ve previously viewed so you can read them later…with or without an internet connection!

Save Your Favorite Posts

Add you favorite posts to your bookmarks so you can easily find them again later.

Auto Refresh

In the SnowBrains app, you can change your settings to auto refresh, bringing you the most up to date news, without requiring you to hit a refresh button.

SnowBrains App navigation
Easy to use and intuitive navigation so you can find what you’re looking for faster

How the Navigation Works

To view a post, simply click the title or featured image.  When you want to go back, simple scroll up slightly and a navigation menu will be displayed at the bottom of your screen allowing you to go back, forward, share on Facebook or Twitter, or bookmark the post. Display the menu with a swipe to the right, where you can find our locations as well as the settings, your bookmarks, and our contact info.

Stay tuned…we have more to come with apps brewing for our sub sites CycleBrains and SwellBrains, plus an all in one app to get all your brain content in one place.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing the SnowBrains App for Your iPhone

  1. yeah, currently due to time constraints mainly on my part and the ability to classify me doing xcode dev (iPhone) at work and still say it’s work related means I havent gotten into setting up an android app yet..
    As Eric said we should have something working in the upcoming future..
    if any android devs are interested please get in touch with me ;D

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