Is This the Year to Ski with the Youngster? It’s as Easy as A-B-Skis!

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Family powder day at Grand Targhee Resort. Credit: Parenting

Skiing with your kids can be the highlight of raising them but can prove to be quite challenging. Thanks to a few passionate and influential individuals a new book to help motivate the little ones is now available. Libby Ludlow, a mother and Olympic skier, and Nathan Jarvis, an internationally known children’s book illustrator, are proud to release their new book A-B-Skis. A fun and educational way to build the winter stoke.

Each letter has a playful rhyme and illustration linking to lessons, expectations, ski culture, or an appreciation for the outdoors. Parents can now take the fundamental learning practices and turn them into at-home ski lessons. Reading as a kid that H equals Hot Chocolate sure would get me excited to ski.

Nothing better than deep face shots as a kid. Credit:

This colorful and fun book would make the perfect Christmas gift for new parents or young kids wanting to ski. A bonus addition to the book is the “pro tips” section for parents to help ensure a positive and fun day on the slopes. Also included is the “My Mountain Memories” section for the kids to fill in with pictures and stories to always remember the fun days.

Warm cup of hot chocolate adds to a perfect day on the slopes. Credit: Today’s Parent

So, don’t wait any longer and go grab a copy and start enjoying these precious moments with your kids before they are faster than you!  Check with your local ski shops, home resorts, ski school programs, or take to the internet and pick up a copy of A-B-Skis before the season is in full swing. The kids will love it, just don’t forget the hot chocolate at lunch.

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