J Skis Collaborates with Jimbo Phillips to Release Allplay “Stacked” Skis

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Allplay “Stacked-Jimbo Phillips X J Collab” skis. photo credit: Jskis

J Skis have joined forces with legendary artist Jimbo Phillips to collaborate on a new all-mountain ski, the Allplay “Stacked-Jimbo Phillips X J Collab.” Infamous for his iconic skateboard graphics, Phillips took advantage of the full length of these skis using his custom artwork similar to his eye-catching designs found on skate decks. These no-work, all-play skis are versatile, fun, and unique-with only a limited supply available.

The eccentric style of Phillips’ artwork runs deep in his family, first revealed back in the 80s by his father who created the famous “Screaming Hand” along with many other outlandish skate graphics. Based in Santa Cruz, CA, Phillips began his career working for his father creating graphics for the skateboard industry, as well as t-shirt designs, decals, and magazine ads. He went on to start his own graphic design business and continued working for skateboard companies.

Phillips uses a pencil sketch to achieve his unique art. photo credit: J skis

To achieve his original and unique style, Phillips starts out with pencil sketches. He then completes the linework with pen and ink and finally finishing it off on the computer for the coloring. His psychedelic, jaw-dropping graphics have been perfected throughout his career, involving incredible attention to detail and patience. It is no wonder the products featuring his work catch the attention of so many.

The all-mountain ski with limited edition graphics features a 98mm width underfoot, a playful yet sturdy weapon of choice for all terrain. This special collaboration highlights the fine craftwork of artists, ski manufacturers, and overall brilliant production. Hand-signed and numbered, with only 350 pairs of this one-of-a-kind ski built, you’re going to want to get your hands on these!

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