Jackson Hole, WY Report: 4am Drive, No Deers Murdered, Deep Powder Snow With Good Friends

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Report from February 6, 2023

Awake at 4am.

On the road by 4:23am.

Park City, UT to Jackson Hole, WY (274 miles, 4 hours and 15 minutes).

Fox Shacked. image: snowbrains

I broke my one driving rule for Wyoming:

Don’t drive at night.

Why not?

  • Antelope
  • Mule Deer
  • Elk
  • Moose
Fox Stash! image: snowbrains

Any one of these animals can kill you when traveling 60mph or higher.

The speed limit in the deserts of Wyoming is 70mph…

I was on edge as I rolled onto I-80 east but a full moon gave me hope.

Da boyz. image: snowbrains

The moon was fierce and clouds were sparce.

A smile rolled over me as I realized I could see pretty damn well, considering.

I took the hard left into the dusty Wyoming desert and glared at the flashing sign hooked up to a small generator:


I didn’t slow down…

Fox rocks. image: snowbrains

The moonbeams bounced off the snow and clouds creating a bizarrely bright nighttime scene.

I sped on waiting for dawn.

Dawn took its sweet time and showed up around 7am.

I stopped in Daniel to use the bathroom and grab a breakfast burrito.

Cheese, bacon, eggs.

5 outta 10.

Made it! image: snowbrains

Hoback Canyon dumped me into the Jackson Hole proper and I began to buzz as I finally saw the Tetons.

I checked the Jackson Hole app at 6am and it reported 10″.

They always lie…

It’s always more…

Yes. image: snowbrains

I dumped my car and hustled to meet up with friends at the General Store in front of the tram.

I actually made it there before they did.

At 9:30am, were were upward bound.

The snow was deep in spots, shallow in spots, avalanchey in spots, and dry as a bone.

Fox replenishes. image: snowbrains

We skied and hiked and laughed.

As the day wore on our confidence grew and by the end we were dropping 15-footers and connecting pillows.

A solid crew of Owen Leeper, Aaron Fox, and Nate Kushlan made the day golden.

Thanks, friends and thanks, Wyoming


image: jackson hole, 2/7/23


image: noaa, 2/7/23


Don’t drive this at night… image: snowbrains
The road. image: snowbrains
Deer? image: snowbrains
Trees! image: snowbrains
West. image: snowbrains
Hoback Canyon about to start. image: snowbrains
Burn. image: snowbrains
Yes. image: snowbrains
End of the canyon. image: snowbrains
Tetons. image: snowbrains
Jackson Hole. image: snowbrains
Fox replenishes. image: snowbrains
Made it! image: snowbrains
Stash! image: snowbrains
Skeptical Owen… image: snowbrains
Coming home to Jackson, Wyoming. image: snowbrains
Apres Tea. image: snowbrains


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