Jackson Hole, WY Report: All-Time? I Think So…

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Report from February 16th, 2019

Today was a day I’ll never forget at Jackson Hole, WY.

We headed straight into the backcountry.

6″ of blower powder coated everything.

Radiate. image: snowbrains

The snow skied impeccably.

The smoke thrown up behind each rider was effervescent, blinding, and seemingly endless.

I’d never seen anything quite like it…

Miles and Rylo. image: Richard Grove

 The lines we skied were long.

Damn long.

Steep, high speed, smokey.

Erica shredding. image: snowbrains

At the bottom of each run, we were dumbfounded – unable to articulate what we’d just experienced.

We went back again and again.

These runs were better than heli-skiing.

Smash mouth. image: Richard Grove

I can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow.


Maybe, but I honestly just simply haven’t been here enough to know.

Meg powder. image: snowbrains


image: jackson hole, today


Jackson Hole forecast. image: noaa, today

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