Jackson Hole, WY Report: The Deepest February In History Finishes Strong With 189″!

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Jamie emerging in the Hobacks. image: snowbrains

Report from February 28th, 2019

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming received 189″ of snow in the month of February alone.

That’s their deepest February in history and today they were reporting 6″ of new snow since closing yesterday.

The DEEPEST February in history comes to an end. 189” inches of blower pow blanketed the Tetons this month. – Jackson Hole, today

We showed for the last day of February (today) and had an absolute blast ripping around in bounds.

We started the day with a few laps on Thunder and Sublette in terrific snow.

After some great Alta Chute runs we zipped down the Hobacks and the wind was blowing things in perfectly down there.

We screamed down to the bottom and grabbed a tram back up with famous pro skier Sam Smoothy.  

The guy is a class act and is checking out Jackson for the first time and did us the honor of spinning a few laps with us.

Unknown ripper hucking huge into Corbet’s Couloir. image: snowbrains

We went straight for the classic:  Corbet’s Couloir.

We watched a kid send it 30′ into Corbet’s and stomp it before Jamie and Sam made the standard, always damn scary entrance look easy.

Corbet’s skied great.

Corbet’s Couloir and skier. Jackson Hole, WY. image: snowbrains

Down Corbet’s, down the Expert Chutes, saw Own Leeper and Julian Carr lining up a huge air, and back to Thunder for a few more laps before another big Hobacks run.

At this point, we were feeling satisfied and tired.

The runs here are ridiculously long…

Jamie slash. image: snowbrains

We did one more run:  an under the Bridger Gondola groomer.

That ended us…

Home, hot tub, Stagecoach Bar dinner, saw a moose.

Life is good and life is real good here in Jackson Hole.

Thunder Chair. image: snowbrains


image: jackson hole, today


image: noaa, today


Thunder and Tram. image: snowbrains
Apres ski! image: snowbrains
Da Tram. image: snowbrains
The last run… image: snowbrains
Apres Tea! image: snowbrains

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  1. best thing about JHMR is taking a run with 4,000 feet vertical. Worse thing about JHMR is ending up with legs feeling like rubber.

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