The Jaded Tahoe Local: “Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate…”

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“You know what rainbows mean? Rain.”  photo:  snowbrains

I sent a text to a local Tahoe buddy of mine to see if he wanted to ski today.  He’s been in Tahoe full time for the past 4 years of drought and he’s a bit burnt out.  His response is heart-felt, sarcastic, jaded, pointed, and hilarious.

This drought in California is really starting to hurt peoples’ feelings…





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11 thoughts on “The Jaded Tahoe Local: “Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate…”

  1. The palisades peak and pocket opened i did laps it was awesome i’ m just livin the dream

  2. Very sad, but I did Tram/ N. Hoback laps this AM in 30+cm new teaching; (walk on trams) oh I did hit my first rock in 120 days at JH. I grew up skiing Squaw, and to not ski the Sierra’s wealth of terrain is very sad for all. Hopefully, you will be spared from large fires this summer.

    1. No way you grew up skiing Squaw, because you would know better than to call the Sierra “Sierra’s”. And here in ‘Murica we measure snow in inches.

  3. You’re on a fuckin’ mountain, skiing down, with friends. Life is good. Drought or no drought.

  4. Now thats funny

    thanks for the levity

    gotta take the bad w the good

    in a season like this we call it pow even if its only sidewall deep

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