‘180 Days in Jail’ For Using Someone Else’s Pass, Warns Vail Police Department

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As the season approaches, here’s a reminder that sharing your ski pass is not just frowned upon; it’s illegal and could get you thrown in jail. Vail Police Department warns skiers and riders to avoid the temptation of borrowing a ski pass to save on the cost of a lift ticket.

Vail Police saw an increase in ski pass fraud investigations last season. Thirty-one people were cited for deceptive use up to March 8, 2022, compared to 27 total citations for the entire previous ski season.

The Vail Police Department and Vail Mountain work to identify and prosecute fraudulent pass users. The weeks leading up to the end of the season are typically the busiest times for ski pass fraud. As technology improves each year, it becomes more and more challenging to be able to use a borrowed pass, and the penalties heavily outweigh the risks.

Once fraudulent use is identified, suspects are either issued a summons into court and released or arrested, depending on the circumstances. The charge carries a maximum fine of up to $999 and/or 180 days in jail. The original passholder can also have their ski pass revoked as a result of its misuse. If you have questions involving ski pass use, contact Vail Resorts for clarification.

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21 thoughts on “‘180 Days in Jail’ For Using Someone Else’s Pass, Warns Vail Police Department

  1. Shame on Snowbrains for being spineless promoters of all things Vail. Vail has removed the soul of our sport, and threatening us with incarceration on public lands is another example. Note: We’re all onto you whenever you feed us another ‘article,’ really disguised as a Vail Resorts promotion

  2. Fail is a joke and always has been!! Who cares. When you pay 50 bucks a day just to park is a joke enough!!! Plenty of great ski areas around without the ……bags!!!!

  3. The punishment does not fit the crime,
    They must be charging it as if it were identity theft. Talk about corporations running government. Must not be any real crime in the fail valley truck stop

  4. 180 days jail? Haha just request a jury trial and hope I’m on it. Practically a victimless crime..the money’s been paid. You want to hand out $500 fines? Okay sure but appear in court and potential jail time? C’mon. Do better be better Vail.

  5. I mean…the pass is paid for, right?? Why’s it matter WHO uses it that day?!
    Also, 180 days incarcerated in Vail doesn’t sound all that bad. I think the “ski resort crowd” does jail a li’l differently

  6. To cover an area 200’x200′ in 6 inches of snow takes about 75,000 gallons. Most snow melt is lost to evaporation and doesn’t reenter the watertable or watershed.

  7. Agree. Jussie Smollett’s crime was much more heinous and only received 150 days. Slap on the wrist.

  8. Capitalists use state enforced violence to protect the profits of corporations, while the working class suffer.

  9. Jussie Smollett gets 150 days in jail… and in CA you can steal up to almost a grand in merchandise before someone bats an eye… I hate cancel culture, but hate bullies worse… Vail should not be throwing their bloated outsized weight around.

  10. How pathetic life must be to search out something so harmless and witout any victim involved to bring in 999 dollars in”TAX” collecting! Shame on YOU Vail

  11. Hope some mean s.o.b. of a lawyer absolutely demolishes this law as soon as they try to enforce it

  12. We need more competition in the ski industry due to epic/ikon monopoly.
    National parks should lease out more land to increase competition.

  13. Wow, this is what we’re concerned about in America today?? Sounds like a bunch of rich people problems.

  14. Vail officials should “do time” for the daily robbery of $200 for each lift ticket. In 1977, Vail raised it’s daily lift-ticket price to $10, up from $7 and Colorado as a whole protested.
    Now, $200 for a day on lousy Lionshead, which is really just an expensive Keystone: All man-made crap snow on rolly-polly terrain that’s half roads or transition.
    Do the AOC Liberals know just how much water Vail wastes?

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