Japanese Man Killed In Avalanche While Skiing Backcountry

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skier ripping backcountry powder in Japan
skier ripping backcountry powder in Japan


Sunday February 1st, 2016, in the Gunma Prefecture, a man triggered an avalanche while skiing outside of marked boundaries in Katashina Village.

Shigeki Yoshida, 36, was hit by an avalanche around noon on Sunday.  Other skiers were able to dig him out within twenty minutes, but he was in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest.  By the time he arrived at the hospital, he was confirmed dead.

According to police, Yoshida and a friend were skiing in the backcountry despite signs warning skiers from venturing off approved slopes.  They even heeded the avalanche warning that had been issued from Friday to Sunday due to higher than normal temperatures.  

The high number of avalanche related deaths as of recent are truly shocking.  12 avalanche deaths in the USA in January this year.  It sends the message to make the right decisions and have the proper safety equipment in the back country. And most of all- knowing the avalanche report.

Our thoughts go out to Yoshida’s family and friends.

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