Jumbo Glacier = Canada’s Largest Ski Resort Gets OK for Development

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Jumbo glacier 3D rendering
Jumbo glacier 3D rendering with 20 chairlifts

The owners of the Jumbo Glacier ski resort have been given approval to begin construction of chairlifts and lodges by the newly designated resort municipality of Jumbo.

The local Jumbo area has been designated a ‘resort municipality’ by the British Columbia Government.  This area is large and extremely mountainous with no real local population.

Jumbo glacier area from the air
Jumbo glacier area from the air. Resort base in parenthesis on right. Compare to graphic above.

Jumbo Mayor Greg Deck and the council passed permits this Tuesday that OK ski lifts, a 150-room lodge, and a day lodge.  The lodges will be located at the base of the Farnham glacier (shown in above image).

This project is nothing if not controversial.  Environmentalist have been fighting the Jumbo ski resort tooth and nail.  Their latest claim is that Jumbo hasn’t actually gathered the investment capital to see the project through.

“I think it’s an unfortunate next step in a doomed proposal that is yet to see any significant investment.” – John Bergenske, with the environmental group Wildsight

Jumbo Glacier
Jumbo Glacier

The Jumbo Glacier ski resort has had many supporters and many adversaries over the years.  Yes, this place looks like it will be unreal from a skiing & riding perspective.  We’d certainly go here.  But at what cost to the environment?  This is a relatively untouched area the is thriving biologically.  Is it worth putting in a mega ski resort and putting wildlife at risk for our skiing & riding enjoyment?  Is the current state of the world’s economy strong enough to support another mega resort in Canada?

Commander glacier in Jumbo ski resort
Commander glacier in Jumbo ski resort

Either way, it looks like this resort will come to fruition.  The plans for Jumbo are so jumbo that it’s going to take 20 years to build it.

We’re just going to have to wait and see if the old adage is true:  “If you built it, they will come.”

Jumbo base area will be right in this valley
Jumbo base area will be right in this valley and you’ll be skiing right on these slopes


      • The only year-round ski area in North America & one of only three such resorts worldwide
      • The top lift height of 11,217 feet would be the highest in Canada
      • Jumbo will have 5,627 vertical feet, the most in North America by a foot over Revelstoke
      • In summer, Jumbo will have 2,300 vertical feet on the glaciers
      • Some $15-20 million a year in construction activity for a period of twenty years is expected until buildout
      • $450 million is the proposed cost of the Jumbo ski resort project

        jumbo glacier skiing
        jumbo glacier skiing

• Base: 1,700 metres (5,500 feet)
• Jumbo Glacier: 3,419 metres (11,217 feet) [highest in Canada]
• Glacier Dome: 3,000 metres (9,900 feet)


• Winter: 1,715 metres (5,627 feet)
• Summer: 700 metres (2,300 feet)

A terrible map of where Jumbo will be
A terrible map of where Jumbo will be
Skiable Terrain

• Controlled Recreation Area: 5,925 hectares
• Approximate area of marked ski runs and trails: 611 hectares
• Number of accessible glaciers: 4 (Glacier Dome, Jumbo Glacier, Commander Glacier, Farnham Glacier)

jumbo glacier
jumbo glacier

• Number of lifts at build-out: 20 – 23
• Average Skiers Per Day at build-out: 2,700

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6 thoughts on “Jumbo Glacier = Canada’s Largest Ski Resort Gets OK for Development

  1. How is this ever projected to make money?
    And with a base of 5500 and tops out at over 11,000>>>why CAN’T the Canadian Ski Team practice there in the summer?
    Mount Hood sure has its share of THOUSANDS of racers from all over North America and the Palmer tops out around 7500 feet and much further south
    Looks like an awesome place.

  2. For all the people who think its awesome or who want to go there maybe you should look into why the people in that area don’t want it. The people of that area are sick of big company’s coming in and messing up their BACKYARD. There are 5 world class ski areas within 2 to 3 hours and you have to pass them to get to Jumbo. By the way the village will be built in a avalanche area and the lifts built on MOVING glaciers. And skiing in the summer is a no go, Canada’s Ski Team already proved you cant ski there in the summer, that’s why they go Chilli.

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