High-Speed Internet Has Just Been Installed on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s Highest Peak

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Kilimanjaro, cable car, africa
Mount Kilimanjaro, tallest freestanding peak in the world. Credit: Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash

High-speed internet has been installed at 12,200-feet on Africa’s highest mountain meaning hikers and climbers won’t need to be disconnected from Instagram or Facebook while they ascend the mountain.

The broadband network was installed on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania on Tuesday. The nation’s government called it ‘historic’.

“Previously, it was a bit dangerous for visitors and porters who had to operate without internet.”

– Nape Nnauye, Tanzania’s information minister

The service does not currently reach the summit at 19,341-feet, but plans are in place to complete that before the end of the year.

35,000 people attempting to summit the mountain every year, and in 2019 there government revealed plans to put a cable car up the iconic slopes.

Having access to the internet and cell service is a nice commodity but our planet’s wild areas are some of the few places you can go nowadays and truly be off the grid. Improving basic cell service within parks for emergency reasons seems reasonable but wireless internet seems like more of an added luxury.

Kilimanjaro, Africa,
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

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