Kirkwood, CA Conditions Report: Chalky Fun.

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Riding up chair 4. Photo: Casey Cane

Wednesday at Kirkwood was as good as it gets for conditions between storms.  Kirkwood got a bit more snow from the last few warm storms that rolled in compared to a lot of resorts in the area.  It is very clearly still early conditions however.  Everything at Kirkwood is about 2-3 time bigger and scarier than it is during the normal season.

Looking across thunder saddle to eagle bowl and the fingers in the background. Photo: Casey Cane

The nice thing about it being early season though is there is no shortage of rocks and bumps to jump off.  The ice storm covered most of the notoriously sharp rocks that gouge skis and the snow stayed soft enough to send some small cliffs.  All in all the snow was grippy, wintery, and fun.

Slaying the gnar
Slaying the gnar Photo: Bevan Waite

We are about to get hit by another storm tomorrow.  Here is what we are looking at for Kirkwood.


Because of the elevation and low temps, lets just say, those of you coming up this saturday are going to have one hell-of-a good time.

Backcountry lines still need some filling in. Photo: Casey Cane
Pizza! Do a PIZZA!
Pizza! Do a PIZZA! Photo: Casey Cane



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