Kentucky Woman Set To Climb All 14ers In Colorado, In The Name Of Charity

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Brittney Woodrum is setting out on a mission to climb all of Colorado's 58 14ers to raise money for ShelterBox (courtesy: Brittney Woodrum)
Photo of Brittney Woodrum on one of many past summits. WKYT Photo Courtesy of Brittney Woodrum

A Kentucky native named Brittney Woodrum is going to attempt to climb all 58 peaks in Colorado over 14,000ft in elevation. She has set this goal in an effort to raise money for a charity supporting people being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The money is being raised for an organization called “Shelterbox“. This charity organization provides shelter, cooking supplies, and other essentials for those in need.

snow covered mountain under blue sky during daytime
Maroon Peak, a 14,000ft peak in Colorado that Woodrum plans to climb. Unsplash

Somewhat ironic the way she will attempt to climb real-life mountains, as the world responds to a metaphorical mountain of difficulties caused by Covid-19. “The pandemic knows no borders and it is affecting people all over the world, particularly impacting the most vulnerable the worst. So humanitarian organizations are playing a key roll in being able to provide for these vulnerable populations and being able to keep them safe.” Woodrum said in an interview with WKYT.

mountain under cloudy sky
Longs Peak in Colorado, sitting at 14,259ft above sea level. Unsplash

“The goal is to raise $1,400 per mountain, so a total of $82,000 by end of this incredible journey,” Woodrum said. Certainly, this is a selfless effort to help the world in an “outside the box” way. Bravo Brittney!

Click this link to find out how you can help Woodrum on her mission.

Photo Credit: Brittney Woodrum
Featured Image Photo Credit: Shelterbox FB Page

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