La Grave Has Been Saved | 30-Year Contract To Be Signed To Continue Lift Operations

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Making the Epic Pilgrimage to Legendary La Grave, France. Image: Le Grand Adventure Tours

According to Alpedhueznet, SATA, a lift operations company, is expected to take over the lease and run La Grave’s lone lift for the next 30 years. The lift is currently owned by the town, but they will not resign the lease because of safety concerns and liability. It is set to expire in June 2017 and that is when SATA will take over. Initial reactions from the lease extension have been positive and it has been reported that there are plans to extend the lift.

“trail” map. Good luck. La Grave, France

La Grave is simple. It’s mostly a huge 30-gondola pulse lift that takes you 7,000 feet up a mountain and drops you off above: glaciers, crevasses, 1,000-foot cliffs, no fall zones, and extremely rowdy terrain.  There are no groomers, avalanche control, runs, signs, ropes, ski patrol, nor Starbucks.  Once you make the decision not to ride the gondola back down, you’re on your own. All this makes the resort truly unique, which is why we are thankful that this place isn’t going anywhere for the next 30 years.

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