Late Season at Squaw | It’s What You Make It…

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Late season in yet another lack-luster winter in Tahoe is all about what you make of it.

Since there is hardly any snow, and I have had little-to-no ambition to try to get any G.N.A.R. points during low-tide, I made the decision to take it mellow and have as much fun as possible with as little effort as possible.

It’s a tough concept to wrap your head around for some people, but, it has become my modus operandi the last few weeks.

AB’s Daily Late Season Formula for Fun:

  • Get to mountain somewhere in the “crack of noon” hour
  • Take part in some good conversations on the Funitel
  • Replace flip-flops for ski boots while on said Funitel
  • Ski Shirley and Gold Coast ’til I get bored or run into some friends that can inspire me to take another lap
  • Go home
  • Ride bike
  • Rinse, lather, repeat…


All in all, this season was still fun and I hope everyone got a few good turns in at some point to carry us all through summer. Pray for water.

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3 thoughts on “Late Season at Squaw | It’s What You Make It…

  1. My season has been over for a couple weeks MD, kneeasles. Saving $$ for the 5 “leftovers” shows in Santa Clara and Chitown. Ski you next Season!

  2. Nicely done AB !! Go straight over the rocks, turn on the bushes –
    My spring routine
    step 1 – Wax
    Step 2 – Ski
    Step 3 – repair core shots
    Step 4 – repeat

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