Trevor Kennison, World’s First Double Backflip on a Sit-Ski

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Trevor Kennison continues to push the limits and rewrite what is possible to do on a sit-ski. In 2014, Kennison was an avid snowboarder – until he suffered a life-changing injury on Vail Pass. Kennison hit a jump and accidentally started rotating forward, not wanting to land on his head, he tucked forward and landed on his lower back. The accident left him with a spinal cord injury that paralyzed him from the waist down.

Itching to get back on the slopes, Kennison took up sit-skiing around a year after his accident. A sit-ski is an adaptive device enabling a user to sit in a molded bucket seat suspended above a ski. Ever since, Kennison has been taking skiing and adaptive sports to new heights. Kennison has made his mark in the industry by sending it huge at the 2019 Kings and Queens at Corbet’s Couloir, and at the 2022 Winter X Games on the big air jump. Kennison’s Instagram is loaded with incredible content of insane tricks and inspiration.

Trevor Kennison
Kennison shredding on his sit-ski. Photo Credit: REI

Kennison approached his friend Josh Berman, a filmmaker and founder of Level 1 Productions, with one of his craziest ideas yet. To return to the scene of his accident on Vail Pass with the purpose of making peace with a place that changed his life.

Kennison said this on the return to Vail Pass. Via 9News.

“For me to go back to that spot and do it, it was just for accepting my injury and having closure with that spot,”

Josh Berman had this to say on the message Kennison hopes to deliver. Via 9News.

“We all have really bad things that happen to us on a regular basis. Turning tragedy into opportunity is just such a compelling thing and Trevor illustrates that in all the best ways,”

As you can see in the 9News video at the top, Kennison went massive, sticking the double backflip. The trick is a world’s first on a sit-ski, and the message Kennison delivers is world-class. Being able to face your past trauma can be incredibly rewarding and a milestone in bettering yourself. If you would like to find out more of his story or some inspiration, check out High Fives, an adaptive sports foundation Kennison supports that is on a mission to provide hope and resources for athletes from all walks of life.

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