Lindsey Vonn Postpones Entering Men’s Races to Focus on Beating World Cup Wins Record

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lindsey vonn
Lindsey Vonn hopes to become the winningest skier of all time.

Although Lindsey Vonn still has intentions of competing with the men and entering a men’s World Cup race, at the moment she is focussing on beating just one man: Ingemar Stenmark.

She just pulled back her proposal to enter a men’s World Cup race in November, instead keeping her focus on training to break the World Cup career wins record in what may be her final season.

“I haven’t given up on this,” was tweeted from Vonn’s account. “Just delaying it one more year.”

Vonn’s proposal, which had been in the works since last summer, was not on the agenda at this week’s International Ski Federation (FIS) meetings. FIS had been expected to rule on a Vonn proposal this week.

ingemar stenmark, lindsey Vonn
Ingemar Stenmark. Credit: SVT Bild

The 33-year-old Vonn earned five victories last season to move within four of the 86 World Cup wins record, despite struggling with more knee and back injuries:

“My knee gets a break, and that’s really what matters,” Vonn said after finishing last season in March. “As you progress through the season, I definitely lose strength because I’m just not able to lift as much as I need to keep the knee supported.”

If Vonn sought and was granted a spot in a Lake Louise men’s race in November, FIS rules could have barred her from the women’s World Cup races in Lake Louise the following weekend because of her extra runs at the venue giving her an advantage over female skiers.

lindsey vonn
Lindsey Vonn needs to stay injury free to beat the record. Credit: Alain Grossclaude/Getty Images

Missing three women’s races at Lake Louise, where Vonn owns 18 wins in 44 starts, would significantly impact her pursuit of Stenmark’s record.

There is also another record in her sights, with a single victory next season, she will break Austrian Elisabeth Goergl‘s record as the oldest woman to win a World Cup race.

“I’m in a good place, picking up steam, confident and relatively healthy,” Vonn said in March. “I hope to (break Stenmark’s record) before my knee gives out.”

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2 thoughts on “Lindsey Vonn Postpones Entering Men’s Races to Focus on Beating World Cup Wins Record

  1. Not even the greatest female skier, Shiffrin already has more wins than anyone at her age.

  2. She REALLY needs to give up on racing with the men. What’s the point? She can’t compete with them in any fashion,due to physical strength,alone. Yes,she is strong,for a female and the course that the men race would have “loads” that she wouldn’t be able to handle. That is unless they picked a really easy course for publicity and then the “point” would be mute as far as I’m concerned. Sorry Lindsey. Your still the greatest female skier though!!

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