Idaho Local Letting Out-of-State Passholders Know Exactly What They Think of Them

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This California visitor had this message on his car from a local skier. Credit: Alex Fedorov

A disgruntled local at Schweitzer Mountain Resort, ID, has been letting out-of-state visitors know exactly what they think by scrawling ‘Don’t Come Back’ and ‘Go Home’ on their vehicles.

Alex Fedorov, from California, had the message on his car when he returned from a day’s riding and claimed the message was on other vehicles around him, all with plates from Washington, Oregon, and California.

The popularity of the so-called Mega Passes is being blamed for crowded slopes, lift lines, and full parking lots at resorts across the country. Locals are clearly upset with an influx of visitors to ‘their’ hill. Schweitzer is on the Ikon Pass.

Next season seven Ikon Pass resorts will require reservations to counter overcrowding and the bad feeling that arises among locals.

Credit: Alex Fedorov

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13 thoughts on “Idaho Local Letting Out-of-State Passholders Know Exactly What They Think of Them

  1. While all the suburban gummies are heading to the ‘backcountry’ I’ve gone back to the lift served ski slopes, especially the alps where the American gaper mentality does NOT hold sway.

  2. So easy to be brave when you are anonymous. The notion that Colorado used to be more conservative than it is now because of the influx of Californians is, in particular, laughable. Go to Colorado Springs – the town has been ruined by the mass migration of far-right, American Taliban religious whack jobs from other states, primarily Southern California. Your suggestion that “liberal” Californians move because they “don’t like the politics” is ridiculous – everyone I know who has moved from California because they didn’t like the politics is a right winger.

  3. Ski town locals who think that their community can survive without the patronage of non-locals (from other states or other areas within their state) have typically not been locals for very long. Old-timers know that without the influx of money from outside the immediate area, their resorts, hotels and restaurants would be out of business – and locals out of work – in very short order.

  4. So true… the best backcountry ski locales have become epiconic shit shows.
    I got a ski pass this year after 15 + years touring and have been spreading positive vibes. We’re all very lucky to be able to afford to take days off , spend $ , all to slide on snow and enjoy beautiful places in our spare time(that we are lucky to have)
    Now a days too many bro bruhs competing with each other’s ego’s.
    If any of you are too “bad ass for newbs” maybe get over yourself and find someone to mentor, Volunteer or donate to a food bank.

  5. Have you seen the ‘backcountry’ of late? So hip and groovy. Tards everywhere. People like you, all of a sudden saying, ‘I’m a backcountry skier now’, ugh. American city people, hilarious.

  6. Buddy, I live in Vail and would love it if I never saw a California license plate, but I’m not about to go leaving notes and childish messages on someone else’s vehicle. Blame the management of your resort for grouping up on a mega pass. People have the right to travel and go wherever they want. If you hate tourists that bad you probably shouldn’t live in an area which sees a lot of them. Might be time for you to get into backcountry skiing and stop riding chairlifts. That’s what I did

  7. Twitter is such a threat to free speech, Elon Musk, the guy who’s physically making all the liberal dream of getting off of fossil fuels come possible, literally just spend $3B protecting free speech.

    Wake up libs, CA and bay area techies. You’re turning to authoritarians.

    Embrace free speech. It’s not that scary.

  8. It’s been like that for a long time. My Tahoe guide friend used to borrow my buddies Oregon plated truck to go surf in Oregon, because he knew his California vehicle would be destroyed by the time he was done surfing. People fear Californians, New Yorkers, and Texans, because they ruin every nice place. Be aware.

  9. This is a message to you Mr Idaho. How childish and immature your skiing must be the most important thing in your life…sad
    I’ll say what everyone is thinking.
    Dont leave the state of Idaho , the rest of us dont want your hatred in our skiing
    If you think it’s ok to touch/harrass/intimidate other people’s property , then expect your own property to be disrespected.
    Who ever did this is a coward and a punk that needs to be taught a lesson

  10. AnOnYmOuS: I live in California and I honestly know of only a couple of native Californians who moved out of California who did not eventually came back. (This does not include a few college-age students or recent graduates who left the state and have not yet settled in one spot.) I do know a few dozen non-native Californian families who moved away, many to what they consider their “home locale”. I also know a lot of Californians who moved hundreds of miles from home but stayed within the state…some to escape an urban area, others to go to a happening spot, and others to change their outdoor surroundings. California is mainly attractive to out-of-staters because it has a wide variety of choice for super-urban, city, suburb, rural, isolated, and desolate spots to live and native Californians are not immune to desiring a change of scenery but they do not have to leave the state to satisfy that desire.

    I met folks from all over the nation when I worked for a rocket manufacturer (over 20 years) and most did seem to do a lot of complaining about how California did not live up to the hype. Most stayed in California anyway but some did return to their roots. I never really understood why so many felt the need to seek out the greener grass–I guess those folks would always be looking for something better than what they know.

  11. “bad manners”

    Dude, back not to long ago it was considered bad manners to talk religion, politics, and money. Now in the post-Trump world it seems those are all things that “anti-liberal” douchebags want to bring into every conversation.

    That’s you…that guy who can’t shut up about how much you hate liberals and environmentalists. To quote your fascist troll’s sad

    But hey it gets you the attention you crave even if you deeply hate yourself for being a troll.

    again no one cares. Every local ski area bro hates ahole tourists and they have for decades. It’s just gotten to the point that they don’t have to hide it anymore because it is now socially acceptable to call out Karens and Trolls for what they are. Nothing to do with politics, it is a worldwide phenomenon to get you trolls and Karens to learn some of those manners you claim to be experts on. It isn’t religion either because the common edict of Christianity is pretty much disregarded by you trolls and Karens. So that leaves money…your true highness of worship…you are slaves to its power…lol what a bunch of clowns

  12. Everyone hates Californians. They are exporting their failing liberal values and their bad manners all across the country.

    Its funny how they move from CA because they don’t like the politics, but they forget to change their voting habits. Eventually enough of them move and change the politics enough so their adopted home gets ruined. Once conservative areas ruined by California imports include: Austin, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada & Boise.

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