What It Looks Like to Ski in Japan: “Scuba in Japan” Video

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These Frenchies got their first taste of winter in Japan and they flipped out.   It’s fun to watch as they explain all the fun, weird, different aspects of skiing in Japan.

It’s even more fun to watch as they dive in and score stupid deep powder all over Japan as they travel and chase snow.  In reality, you don’t really have to chase snow.  The snow comes to you.  In January and February in Japan, it just snows.

In Japan, storms don’t matter.  You don’t need storms.  You just need that cold NW wind to blow off of Siberia, pick up moisture off the Sea of Japan and slam in to the Japanese mountains.  That’s all it takes.  A nice cold wind and voila! snow.  And a helluvalot of it.

Japan has snow
Japan has snow


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