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Believe it or not it is Monday once again, hence it is time for Music Mondays, where we try to bring you an artist you may not have heard of yet, have long forgotten, or are trying to forget. This week for some of you we bring you the later, for others the former as he has gone from super underground to banging your head against the wall to forget “Thrift Shop”, yes I am talking about hip-hop artist Macklemore. While Macklemore has enjoyed massive success as of late due to his two hit songs “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us”, much of his early stuff goes much undiscovered. With refreshingly creative songs, and excellent producing, Macklemore is a new face to the over commercialized rap industry and looks to bring intelligence and fun to an increasingly repetitive genre.

Hailing from Seattle Washington, Macklemore already brings a fresh new look to the industry. Releasing his first full length album “The Language of My World” in 2005, and his second “The Unplanned Mixtape”, in 2010 in which he teamed up with producer Ryan Lewis, Macklemore brought a fresh new look at the music industry in which he rapped about substance abuse in the song “Otherside”.  Using his past experiences with substance abuse as inspiration, Macklemore brings a different approach to a genre riddled with songs about alcohol and drugs. And then on the opposite end of the spectrum he also dabbles in party anthems, such as “And We Danced”, and “Castle”. His newest realease “The Heist”, released last October has brought the large scale success Macklemore has been striving for over the last decade, and with it a slew of incredible songs for everyone’s listening pleasure. So while you may be sick of his newest album, as I am admittedly am, his early stuff is killer, and undeserving underplayed. So take a listen and enjoy, what else you got going on this Monday?

Best Tracks 

  • The Town
  • And We Danced
  • Otherside
  • White Walls
  • Fake I.D.
  • Gold

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