Mammoth, CA Report: D-Spin 720ºs, Backflips, 360ºs, Wall-Rides, Box Spins, & A Vicious Crash

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Report from May 22, 2023

Brought to you by Mammoth Mountain

Today was a wild one at the Mammoth Unbound Terrain Park.

I woke up today planning to meet up with my buddy Inti from Bariloche, Argentina and ski a few park laps.

I’m still exhausted today from skiing these great lines last week:

The plan today was backflips and 360s only.

Inti put me in such a good mood and provided so much motivation that after 2 straight airs, 2 360s, and 2 backflips, I decided it was time for the D-Spin 720º.

My goal – stolen from Mike Douglas – has always been to be able to do the D-Spin at 40 years old (Mike now just did one at 53 years old…).

Chair 23. image: snowbrains

I’ve been fortunate to be able to do it almost every year (barring injury) since I first learned it when I was around 25.

Could I still stomp it at 45 this year?

I’m usually very nervous about this trick, but this year, I felt pretty good about it.

Miles on the wall ride. 1st time! image: snowbrains

My plan was to do it in June once the jumps got smaller and I got more of the backcountry skiing I’ve been wanting to do out of the way.

But suddenly, thanks to Inti, I was feeling it today!

After those 6 runs through the park I was ready.

Park life. image: snowbrains

I told Inti and he was down to film.

I went for it and wonkily landed the first.

On the 2nd one, I landed just about perfect and was stoked!

Miles throwing a D-Spin 720º. image: snowbrains

I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.

This trick haunts me all season…

I always know I’ll have to do it at some point and my season is not complete until it happens.

Chair 23. image: snowbrains

The 3rd was was fun too.

I then did another 360º to chill my brain a bit before going for my 4th D-Spin.

The 4th was the ringer…

Chair 23. image: snowbrains

The bell ringer.

It was my smoothest and biggest of the D-Spins but I caught an edge upon landing and took a hard, tumbling fall.

Ended up with a big, weird bruise on the inside of my left wrist and tweaked my right knee (my good knee thankfully) a bit.

Chair 23. image: snowbrains

I knew it was time to call it and head home.

Wow, what a day!

It was so fun to speak Spanish all day with Inti and his crew.

Made me feel likeI was back in Argentina…

Apres tea! image: snowbrains

Nothing beats Mammoth in May 😀

Thanks, Inti.

Thanks, California.


image: mammoth, 5/22/23


image: mammoth, 5/22/23

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