Mammoth, CA Report: Rocking Out in Jeans on My Lunch Break

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Mammoth rocks! image: snowbrains

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Report from May 15, 2021

I’m in Mammoth this weekend taking my Wilderness First Responder recertification class.

They give us 1 hour for lunch…

I figured I could zip up to the hill and crank out 1 lap.

Skiing in Jeans! image: snowbrains

I was actually able to get 2 runs in and I was stoked!

I was singing as I skied down.

I haven’t skied in jeans since I was a kid.

Chair 23. image: snowbrains

The class is excellent and the teachers are impressive but I’m not used to sitting all day.

Getting out for a rip at lunch was key.

I got in one lap in the off-piste on Chair 23 and the snow was slushy, moguled, and fun.

The pacific crest. image: snowbrains

On my 2nd lap I skied the groomed run off the top all the way back to my car at the bottom of Chair 2 and it was so fun.

Good corn snow top to bottom with no stickiness.

It was a very windy day but all the lifts were running I believe.

That wind kept things cool but it was still in the 50s.

My class ends today and I can’t wait to get out and rip Mammoth again at lunch today and all month long until the close.

Happy on Chair 23. image: snowbrains

Snow Numbers:

image: mammoth, 5/16/21


image: noaa, 5/16/21


Star Wars. image: snowbrains
Upper Chair 23. image: snowbrains
The gondola. image: snowbrains

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