Mammoth Mountain, CA Report: Freezing Nightime Temps = GOOD Skiing Right Now

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Report from June 23rd, 2019

A few deep freezes in a row last weekend made Mammoth crazy fun for skiing with great spring snow on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

On Sunday, we skied park all morning and it was splendiferous as there was plenty of speed and the jumps were shaped perfectly.

Wiggle fun off Chair 23! image: snowbrains

Lots of pros, Red Bull helmets, cameras, and video cameras in the park at Mammoth the past few days.

You think the season is over, then a guy throws a double cork on June 23rd…

So freakin’ cool just to watch these guys go off at Mammoth.

Erica in Hangman’s Chute. image: snowbrains

This place is special.

Very special.

The skiing off the top via Hangman’s Chute and Chair 23 bumps and the Chair 23 Wiggle was fantatastic.

It does not feel like late June up here.

Wiggle it! image: snowbrains

My last day here will be this weekend and I’m kinda bummed about it…

I just had no idea that July was going to be so good.

Well, that’s a lie, I can plainly see that July is gonna be sick at Mammoth and Justin from marketing told me so on May 31st…

Game ON at Mammoth Mountain, CA will continue into August this year.

Erica ripping Hangman’s Chute. image: snowbrains


image: noaa, 6/24/19


image: noaa, 6/24/19


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